Launching Fall 2018…

Present your early stage company, product, or service on national television for a chance to create awareness, build your network, and attract equity crowdfunding capital.
We are now accepting early stage company applications for Season 1.
Filming starts Summer 2018.

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TV Viewers
America’s Crowdfunding is a new television reality series featuring early stage companies that will pitch their business model, products, and services to a panel of judges. In the 13-episode series, the viewers at home can also participate as judges, and if compelled, may also invest in some of the featured companies through a Title III Regulation Crowdfunding offering under the JOBS Act via EquityBender, a FINRA approved crowdfunding portal.

America gets to vote with its wallet by participating in an “all or nothing” challenge to each company as they must secure enough funds to meet their target goal or receive no funding at all.

America’s Crowdfunding website will highlight featured company logos and basic description with a link to EquityBender for access to more detailed background and financial information for evaluation and transaction purposes. If viewers at home elect to participate using a computer or mobile device, they can commit as little as $100, using a credit card, in exchange for equity in the company. If the company reaches its target funding goal in the allocated timeframe, funds are released from escrow. Company traction and results may be revealed on the show in the following weeks.

America’s Crowdfunding is seeking companies to apply now to appear on season one. Selected companies must meet Title III Regulation Crowdfunding requirements and the minimum due diligence requirements outlined by its FINRA approved Crowdfunding portal partner, EquityBender, to ensure proper compliance with SEC and FINRA rules. Each company can raise up to $1,070,000 per 12 month period from the public through a FINRA approved crowdfunding portal. Companies selected by America’s Crowdfunding to appear on the show are required to pay a TV production fee for filming, which includes a backstory filmed on location at each company’s headquarters and in the studio. If not selected to appear on the show, qualified applicants may still have an opportunity to run a crowdfunding campaign with EquityBender.

Apply to be on TV



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